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Extraordinary Life Center: Relationships

Do I have open, intimate, spirited, courageous, and generous relationships with the people in my life?

Part of living an extraordnary life is having extraordinary relationships. That may mean different things to different people, of course. But at the heart of it, most everyone wants to be in relatationship in a way that allows authentic expression, outpourings of joy and generosity, shared vision, and the ability to hold a range of emotions and experiences.

In this Life Center, we explore ways to find, cultivate, and strengthen the relationships in our lives.

Here are five simple things you can do right now:

  1. Make a mini “Love List” for someone by listing five things you love. Quick, mail it to ’em.
  2. Create a “magic moment” for someone: what small surprise or expression of affection would make their day?
  3. Make eye contact and connect with a stranger on the street or in a store.
  4. Send a short thank you note to someone for something they always do that means a lot to you.
  5. Slip an “I love you” or “You’re great” note in someone’s coat pocket.

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