52-52-52 Kindness Project

52-52-52 Kindness Project Donation Page


Every year for the past five years, I have celebrated my birthday by writing letters of love to strangers. This year I will write 52 letters in 52 days to 52 strangers. This project brings me tremendous joy and connection. Not only do I get to send love to 52 strangers, but I also get to meet the 52 beautiful souls who are requesting those letters. Those requests are filled with compassion and love. I do my best to forward that love and compassion along in the letters I send on behalf of people or anonymously.

A number of people have asked if they can pay me for this work or the postage. That’s so kind. It feels so good to be asked.

I’d love for you to pay-it-forward by donating to an organization that is very close to my heart. My Sangha, Living Compassion, has established a fund for African Vulnerable Children.

What I love so much about your donation is this: it is expanding on and continuing the Kindness Project. Look, here you are, offering kindness to some small strangers across the world.

Thank you.

The Africa Vulnerable Children Project


The people of Zambia are faced with life-threatening challenges every day. Among the most severe are HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, and starvation. Children are especially affected. Even if they themselves do not become sick or die, children are likely to lose one or both parents to disease. Throughout the year Living Compassion provides food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, employment, micro-loans, and school supplies to communities in Zambia.

Living Compassion is currently feeding more than 1000 children every day as well as supporting these children in attending school and helping maintain their health and emotional well being.

It is our experience that learning the skill of turning compassion and unconditional acceptance toward oneself creates a sense of joy and peace. It is from this place of profound well being that we are called into the world to assist where assistance is needed-not because there is something wrong, or something to fix, but rather because we are moved to participate in life with our fellow human beings.

Gratitude wants to give.

It is in this spirit that we offer the work of the Africa Vulnerable Children Project.  There is a lot going on these days with Living Compassion’s work in Kantolomba, Ndola, Zambia. You can read more about this project of Living Compassion in Africa here.

Every October each of us in the Sangha raises money to donate to this beautiful project. 100% of your contribution will be a part of my fundraising efforts. My heart is full with gratitude for this.