It’s Mothers Day here in the U.S. and I’m sending special love to any moms out there. I’m also sending love to anyone who may be missing their mom or their children today. 

As I wrote to you about the other day, let’s create a lot of space for any celebration or sorrow that might be there. Let’s create space for the ALL of it. (If you missed Friday’s email, the link is in the post-scripts below!) 


Today’s audio LoveGram is a tribute to my own mom, Becky. 

Many of you have seen photos or heard stories about my mom through the years. I mention her frequently because she is a hero in my life. 

My mom has overcome a lot of very difficult things — griefs, betrayals and hardships that might make some people bitter. 

However, as the years have passed, my mom seems to just keep opening her heart to the world in ever surprising and loving ways. 

I share with you ten things that I’ve learned from my mom in today’s audio. (Haha, actually eleven things because I slip a bonus one in at the very end!) 

Listen to today’s LoveGram by clicking to this page, then scrolling down until you see the audio player in the purple box. 


Note to my mom, who always reads my newsletters: Mom, as you are listening to today’s audio, just know that these 11 things came super easily and fast to me. If I had spent more time, I easily could come up with 100 things I’ve learned from you! You are truly an inspiration! 


And to YOU, my friend … thank you, as always, for being here with me. 

I see the way you show up. 

I see your sweet heart and your willingness to love people and life in new ways! 

Please know how much you matter. 

I appreciate you! 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry

💖 P.S. This is the link to the music I was playing today. Taylor Swift’s, “The Best Day,” which is a tribute to her mom.