How are you, my friend? 

I’m sending you a big ole virtual hug, mid-week, to let you know that you are not alone in the world. 

I’m here with you. 

Thank you for showing up for a tiny bit of celebration today. 

And “tiny” is an apt word! Believe it or not, our Celebration Moment today has to do with a penny. 

Yep, one cent. 


Last week was on the BART train and I saw a shiny penny on the floor. Despite the fact that the floor was very dirty, I almost leaned over to pick it up. 

“See a penny, pick it up; all the day you’ll have good luck.”

Did you learn that rhyme as a kid, too?  Do you pick pennies up for good luck, like I do? 


However, after all of these years of picking up pennies in order to get some extra luck, this time I paused. 

I didn’t pick it up.

What flashed through my mind is: What if simply seeing this penny is good luck. What if I leave this penny here for someone else to find and then they, too, will have good luck? 

What if there is someone who might actually need money? What if they pick up change and it really makes a difference? 


I felt so awash with joy at the thought of not taking that penny, and instead leaving it so someone else could feel lucky! 

While sitting on that train, grinning with my own joy over leaving that penny, I remembered that there was a second half to that penny poem” “Find a penny, leave it there; all the day you’ll have despair.”

I decided to create my own second verse!

See a penny, pick it up; all the day you’ll have good luck. 

See a penny, let it stay; now someone else’ll smile today! 

(That’s a pretty snazzy use of else’ll, isn’t it?! Is it a word? Who knows!)


I know this is a super teeny tiny thing. But the celebration felt really big to me. 

It was a brand new twist in life! 

Remember that last week, we talked about experiencing more glee? Well, leaving a penny in order to bring someone else a smile or good luck, is such simple glee. 

Think about how many pennies you might see lying on the ground. 

Now imagine smiling to yourself each time you see one β€” and let it stay! 

It’s like your own secret “Pay it forward” game! 

Will you try it? 

I mean, here we all are on this big ole spinning ball in space. 

We’re here for whatever short span of time we manage to stay alive. Why not create as many pinpricks of light for ourselves (and others!) as we can?! 

My penny game is delighting me, simply writing about it! 

I hope you will try it and let yourself feel a little giddy glee!Β 

Seek celebration β€” even in the dark corners,

xo SherryΒ 

✨ P.S. I actually took a photograph of that penny on the BART train floor. When I uploaded it here for you, I laughed out loud: it was so uninspiring: just that penny on the dirty floor. Ha-ha. It looked sad and a little blurry, too. You deserve better!