How are you, my friend?

I’m sending love to you on a Friday. 

I’m also sending you a quickie email Celebration Moment, which I hope will make you smile. 

I also hope this will remind you how important it is to stop and savor tiny happenings in our days. 

Our lives are made up of moments, aren’t they? 

Too many of us were brought up to look forward to the BIG occasions — the milestone birthdays or weddings or graduations. That’s all great, of course. But, while we are twirling our thumbs waiting for big things, countless amazing moments are passing us by unnoticed. 


My Celebration Moment today is actually a BUNCH of moments. 

It is each of the coffee klatches I’ve had in which I was lucky enough to meet you! 

In case you missed it, a couple months ago I sent an email saying that I’d love to connect with you, face to face. I have a practice of looking at the names of all the beautiful friends who receive these emails. Suddenly, it occurred to me that instead of just gazing at your names in order to connect, I could actually MEET you! 

Thank you to those of you who responded, signed up, and showed up! 

I have been telling everyone I talk to about the delight and joy that happens when I log into Zoom, you join the call, and then suddenly you turn on your video. 

It is like the best kind of grab bag surprise! 

I love it when a beautiful face pops up and suddenly we know each other in a new way! 

AND, since there is no agenda for these calls, it is also a grab bag o’ delight to discover what we’ll talk about. 

It is so amazing how much connection can be created in such a short space in time. 

See that photo up above? That’s Erin. She and I somehow started talking about knitting. And she happened to have some gorgeous fingerless gloves that she had made — she’s holding them up to show me. 

Isn’t that fun!? 

I’ve had such incredible conversations. Someone told me about living on a remote wild island. Someone told me about being a caretaker for her mom. Someone’s dog joined the Zoom. Someone told me about anxiety. Someone told me about her beloved husband. Someone showed me the colorful walls of her home. Someone showed me paintings. Someone talked about her travels and living abroad. 

Holy cow! I hope you know how amazing and interesting you are! 


Here’s the other celebration in all of this: 

I’ve had a couple of my good friends sign up for these 15-minute klatches and we’ve been wow’d at the newfound freedom in not having to wait to connect until we had a whole hour or more to be together.  

We pop on, talk about what’s top of mind, give each other a virtual hug, and leave feeling splendid. 

Bada bing, bada boom! Love in action! 


Three things that YOU can take away from this:  

  • If you’ve been waiting to connect with someone in your life because you just don’t have time, don’t wait! Set up your own quarter-hour connection klatch! 
  • If you missed my first offering, it isn’t too late. I’d still love to see YOUR beautiful face. Link below! 
  • There are plenty of moments every day to celebrate ourselves and people we love. Seek them out! Savor them! 

Sign up for a coffee klatch here! 

By the way, “coffee klatch” is simply a fun phrase that means, “you and me, chatting across a table in a warm and friendly place.” Nope, you don’t have to drink coffee! But you can bring a cup if you wanna! (You can also bring tea or sparkling water or champagne! Whatever makes you happy!)


We’re all in this together. 

Thanks for who you are and for your big heart. 

Find a moment of celebration for yourself TODAY!

Seek celebration — even in the dark corners,

xo Sherry 

✨ P.S. Check out that dorky look on my face in the screen I posted of Erin and her gorgeous gloves! One of the other celebration moments in our lives can be dropping perfection! Find some way to show up goofy or awkward or messy. There is a wonderful freedom in it, I promise.