This newsletter is dedicated to one of our wonderful community members, Marjorie Akin, who contacted me a few months ago and said, “Hey, I’ve been following your work for a long time and I’m coming to San Francisco; could I treat you to tea as a thank you for all you do?”

As you might imagine, I was absolutely delighted by this thoughtful and lovely invitation.

Yes! What fun!

Marjorie and I met for high tea in the Rotunda at Neiman Marcus in Union Square. Not only were our surroundings luxurious and beautiful, but also our conversation was pure joy.

I truly enjoyed getting to know Marjorie and hear more about her family and celebrations. As well, she generously shared a couple stories for me about her experiences with giving Love Lists! (For anyone who might not know, a Love List is a gift of writing or telling someone all the reasons you love them! It can be presented in a whole gamut of ways, from a simple written list to a Joy Jar to within fortune cookies and more!)

While we were sipping our tea, Marjorie gave me permission to turn on my recorder and capture a few snippets of inspiration for you. In this short, 5-minute audio, you can hear Marjorie’s great Love List gift idea for a friend from a group of people.

So take a tip from Marjorie and try these things out:

  • Next time you are traveling to the hometown of someone you’ve connected with online but never met — a blogger, author, teacher —email them in advance and see if they want to meet!
  • Invite a small group of people to each gift someone with a Love List and share it at a luncheon or event. (Listen to our audio conversation for more details!)


Thank you, Marjorie!

And thank YOU, for being here today and reading this!

Seek celebration —even in the dark corners,

xo Sherry