Never forget: Your words are gifts.

A brand new friend of mine, Melissa Brown, posted a thank you comment to me on Facebook the other day about some Love Lists she had made and the huge impact they’d had. She wanted me to know how much she appreciated my work.

Melissa didn’t know it, but that morning I had woken up feeling discouraged and a bit beaten down. Do you ever wake up into that? Often times it isn’t even logical, it is just being sick (which I’ve been) or maybe the judgmental mind going into overtime.

I read Melissa’s note and instantly was boosted. Stories of anyone making a Love List always make me happy because I imagine the way it feels for each person to receive it. How they treasure it. How they might read it over and over again, reminding themselves of what good people they are and how they are loved.

Melissa took the time to post that note and reach out to connect. She may have thought it was a small thing. Maybe even barely significant. But it was a BIG GIFT to me.

Her words turned my morning around. Just that short note got me facing the light again + reinspired to do everything I can to spread the word about the power of Love Lists.

Melissa’s note connected me to her. To the people she made Love Lists for. To my work. To myself.

And that connection is my fuel.

It is essential for us all to remember that the simplest act of reaching out to someone can have a huge impact.

If you have a nudge to leave a positive comment on social media, to send someone a loving text, to write a greeting card, or to call someone … DO IT.

Don’t hesitate.

You may be the gift someone needs in this moment.