Today is World Gratitude Day.

This seemed like a good time to tell you how very grateful I am to you for being a part of my Simply Celebrate world. It means so much to me to know that you are here on this planet practicing celebrating yourself, the people you love, and the shape of your life — even if none of them look anything like you’d imagined.

We inspire one another, moment by moment, to find the small pinpoints of light. It is especially important when so much of our culture can appear to be focused on what’s wrong and what’s missing. We can look for what’s right and what’s working.

In honor of World Gratitude Day, I invite you to carry a notebook or piece of paper around with you and collect all of the “sparkles” in your day: anything you feel grateful for, happy about, or excited about. Jot down if you had a good laugh with your son, if you chatted with a stranger, if something you read made you smile, if you noticed the brilliant green of the lime, if you delighted in the scent of lilac.

Make a note of things you might normally take for granted, but today you are especially appreciating: how fresh water flows from the faucet, that you are able to hear music or see colors, that you think about picking something up and your hands magically act on that thought, that you heart pumps 24/7, that the sun rises and sets each day, that you are alive.

If you’re having a hard time today, try creating a sparkle or two for yourself by being extra kind and generously giving yourself something you love.

For a little extra credit, if one of your “sparkles” involves another person, will you share that sparkle with that person? “Hey, I’m collecting good things today and you’re on my list! Your cheery email really brightened my day. It meant a lot.”

With gratitude + delight,