Have you heard of The 100 Day Project? Folks commit to doing something creative for 100 days straight. I’ve seen my friends participate in this and they post daily on Instagram or Facebook to keep the accountability for their project.

It is so much fun to see daily posts of artworks, collages, mandalas, cartoon strips, photo quotes, and other creative expressions.

When I saw that there was another round kicking off this past week, I got so tempted to jump in. I immediately thought how much fun it would be to do 100 days of great gift ideas.

Interestingly enough, as soon as I started to think about participating, a whole bunch of fear overtook me. “What if I don’t follow through?” “People will watch me fail.” “I won’t be able to think of something every day.” “It’s too much.”

In that moment, I realized that every time I’d watched one of my friends participate in this project, I’d thought my delight was strictly about seeing their creative endeavors every day. But when I considered doing the project myself, I got to see that what I also loved about my friends’ participation is that it was an active expression of making + keeping commitments. Unknowingly, I was being inspired around what it means to stay true to one’s word.

Once I realized that, I could no longer resist committing. I wanted to experience for myself the journey of practicing creating a new habit and watching — as I’d already seen!— how fear or apathy or forgetfulness might try to stop me.

I’m on Day 8 and so far I’m just having fun.

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Don’t the people you love deserve to receive some really fun gifts that they’ll always remember?

Happy days,