I’ve got a new practice that I want to share with you. It’s one of those win-win kinda things because it’ll bring *you* joy and will also bring *someone you love* joy.

AND, to boot, it something you can do in less than 10 minutes!

I call it “appreciation-redux” and what it is all about is noticing things in your life that you received in the past from someone you love — but which you still appreciate in the present.

Appreciation-redux is a simple way of focusing attention on things that bring us joy. And offering gratitude to anyone who contributed to that joy.

Sure, our Grandmas and Moms taught us to write thank you notes in appreciation of gifts. But what I’m talking about is acknowledging those gifts, feeling the gratitude, and expressing appreciation again.


thankyou-again-cardWho says that thank you notes are only appropriate upon initial receipt of the gift? And who says that gifts are only material things? Let’s be wild and re-write the rules!

(Wheeee! See how much fun this is already?!)



Some Quick Appreciation-Redux Ideas:

  • Take a selfie of yourself with an item someone gave you long ago that you still use/love. Email or text that photo to the person with a cheery note that says how much you are currently loving that item.
  • Print + send a photo of a great memory you had of a time with that person. In one sentence remind them of what you most appreciated about spending that time together. (Note: Postagram is an easy + inexpensive way to do this! I’m not an affiliate of theirs; I simply love their service.)
  • Write an old-fashioned thank you note. (You can get small boxes of great thank you cards at a good price at places like Target. Keep ’em on hand. Or, if you have an artistic flair, you could doodle or paint something special.)
  • Create a voice note using the “voice memo” app on your smartphone. (To jazz your message up a bit, have some upbeat music playing on your stereo or computer in the background. To add even more meaning, select music that is meaningful or significant to your loved one.)

Will you try appreciation-redux with at least one person in your life and let me know how it goes? Send me an email or comment on this Facebook post and tell me what it was like for you to re-appreciate something/someone/a moment in your life. ‘Cuz you know, it brings me so much JOY to hear from you.