loveWow. It’s been a hard week in the world, hasn’t it?

In the face of so much fear and violence, the response I have is the one that I always have: we must continue to send pinpricks of light to everyone we meet. We must be kinder than ever. We must give generously of ourselves, even when we feel brokenhearted or angry.

Love is always the answer.

I know it sounds naive, but think about it: when we each feel seen, heard, and appreciated for who we are, don’t we expand into that good feeling? Don’t we become more generous and kind to everyone? Don’t we feel more accepting when we are accepted?

Sure, there are many actions we can all take to support victims of violence all over the world. I hope we’ll all continue to do that in the ways that align with our personal values. But also, we must remember that world peace begins at home. It starts within each of us. We really do have the power to help turn people’s attention to what is good, what is working, what is life affirming.

You may think the work I do in the world is about fun gifts and balloons and hoopla. And on the surface it can be those things. But what’s at the core of what I do is this: I want us all to remember that we have a choice to turn our attention to love and appreciation, even in our darkest moments. We turn our attention because we want to offer love and light to people we love … and in the process we are transformed.

This is why I always say that for me celebration is a spiritual practice. It is about seeking and creating light in the darkness.

This is also why I feel we shouldn’t wait. Because the light is needed now.

A sweet woman named Rosy responded to a recent video I made about why it is so important to make a Celebration Book for someone you love.

She wrote: “Hello Sherry! Thanks a lot, the video is great! Although I haven’t the time right now to do one for my close beloved ones, I hope some day soon I’ll be able to do it.”

What I want to say to Rosy — and to anyone else who will listen— is this: it is essential that we *make* the time to appreciate and celebrate the people in our lives. No matter how many truly important things we have going in our lives, we must find the time for our dearest friends and family. The truth is that we just never know what is going to happen to us or to people we love. It breaks my heart when people at funerals share so much love and appreciation for someone who is no longer able to hear it. We must train ourselves to “Say it Now.”

If you think you are way too busy, then I encourage you to schedule time to show peo5ple in your life how much you care. Put it on the calendar. When will you pull out the photo albums and laugh over old times? When will you make a Love List? When will you plan a day of fun with your children that they’ll remember forever? Plan for it to happen.

Better yet. Don’t wait.

My Celebration Bookmaking class is available right now. It’s on on-demand class, meaning you start as soon as you sign up. If you begin this week, you’ll have the best gift ever in time for the holidays for someone who means the world to you.

The class is just $29 and once you have all the resources and templates, you can use them over and over again. You can make so many people happy — including yourself! Love is always the answer!

Email me if you have any questions.

Here’s to seeking + creating + being pinpricks of light,


P.S. Here’s what a recent Celebration Bookmaking class member, Shannon said: “These sort of love-gifts mark the lives of those we share them with. And I love having the chance to model for my children how it stretches both the giver and receiver when we lead with our heart.” Join me for the Celebration Bookmaking class.

P.P.S. I hope you’ll also plan to set aside 30 minutes on November 27 to celebrate *The New Black* Friday by making a Love List as a holiday gift! These are no-cost, all-love gifts. And it is so much fun to share our photos and joy via the FB group. Please join us; it’ll make ME so happy to see you there!


Note: The “Love is the answer” photo was taken by Erin Brimmer of Sugarbird Studio at Life is a Verb Camp 2014.  Those Love Stickers are for sale on her website.