I’ve been hearing from a lot of readers who resonate with my recent conversations on being blue. (If you missed the audio I created, you can listen to it here.)

One person who wrote to me said, “I’ve noticed for myself how life-saving it can be to receive messages of love and gratitude. Lately I have been depressed for a variety of reasons. And the outpouring of love on my birthday made me realize how much I need these kinds of authentic connections.”

Yes, yes, yes. It is so true that we need authentic connection all the time. But especially when we’re feeling down, blue, or downright depressed.

I heard a speaker the other night who underscored the importance of human connection to lift our spirits. It seems so obvious, right? But there’s also even scientific evidence that we are creatures who need to connect. It’s in our genes. (Yeah, I can feel that; can’t you? We’re social beings.)

For a long time, one of my own depression-busters has been to send cards or letters to people I love when I am feeling separate and alone. Usually there is someone in my life who is going through something difficult. I just scan my mind for who might need a little boost and then I send them an audio note or I mail them a greeting card.

These connections don’t take a lot of time. In fact, I keep a stack of stamped greeting cards around so I have them handy. All I have to do is address them and write a few caring lines inside.

This is an instant pick-me-up for me. And the icing on the cake is that it hopefully makes someone else feel really loved and appreciated.

Is there someone in your life who needs a boost? Just close your eyes for a minute and let your intuition drop in the name or face of one person who might be lost, down, or grieving.

Could you spend just one minute thinking of something you love about this person, jotting it down, and sending it to them?

Listen, to make it really easy, I’ve created this printable for you. It’s free and there’s no need to do anything to get it but click and download.

Then just print it on your home printer — black/white or color … card stock or regular ole paper— and cut the sheet in half. Save one boost card for another time and fill the other one out. Pop it in an envelope and send it off.

Don’t worry about how it printed or whether you folded it or if you used the right color pen. None of that matters. It truly is the thought that counts. (I tell my son there is a reason things become cliché. Usually they are true!)


Do it.

Why wouldn’t you?

I promise you this: you will feel really good inside. And whoever the recipient of this snail mail love is will also feel really good inside.

We all need more of this.

And it is simple.

Go. Now. Print, jot, send.




P.S. See how simple it is? You just write a couple sentences and send that LOVE out. You feel better. They feel better. (And it makes me happy, too! Triple action blues buster!) Download here.

P.P.S: Will you tell me how it goes? Leave a comment if you’re on the blog. Or email me.