I was just writing a note to my mom to tell her how awesome she is and how much I appreciate her unique brand of humor, which she is able to access even in hard times.

While I was addressing the envelope, ZING!, an idea dropped in my head.

Wouldn’t it be fun to hear some of the things that people love best about their moms?! What if I invited folks to send me an email or post on this blog three things you love about your moms?

Would you do it?

(I think I heard a resounding yes! I hope so! C’mon, it’ll be fun. I promise!)

Everyone who responds will receive a lil thank you gift from me so be sure to post your email address if you respond online instead of via email. AND, I’ll toss everyone’s names in a hat and send a special gift to your mom in time for Mother’s Day.

(What am I going to send her? Honestly, I’m not sure yet! But I want to make it something fun that all kinds of people might like, since I won’t know your mom! I’m still ruminating on it!)

You can respond to this even if your mom has passed away. Keep her memory alive by telling me what you loved about her. If your name gets pulled from the hat, you can send the gift to someone else in honor of your mom!

Email me or post here by 12 noon PST May 4.




(P.S. That’s my mom in the photos above. She’s so much fun! Hi Mom!)