Remember Plant a Kiss Day back at the end of April? This was the second year that I'd organized the event and it made me so happy to know that the Hathaway Brown girls were joining us.

I'd promised you that I would share with you the results of the participation by this wonderful group of 4th graders in Cleveland, Ohio. So today I'm keeping that promise!

Check out this incredibly uplifting sevent-minute video in which the girls talk about the kisses they planted in the world. It's sure to inspire you to want to plant a lil kiss of your own!



What a delight to hear these girls talk about their projects and all the JOY and LOVE and RESPECT and COMPASSION they spread in so many different ways.

Big thanks to all the wonderful, big-hearted girls who participated from Hathaway Brown School. And to Koyen Parikh Shah
Director, Center for Girls' and Women's Leadership at that school.