Hi all. As many of you know, I've been in the process of moving. And whew, boy, has it been a full-time job. We had to pack up and vacate our San Francisco flat by last Friday, but we aren't able to move into our new home until July.

So we're currently playing gypsies and going from place to place with a limited selection of belongings!

I just wanted to connect with you all and say hi. And to share this beautiful poem my friend Joanne just sent me this morning. I've been feeling like a stripped down version of myself this past month, since so many of my creature comforts have been packed away or are unavailable at the moment.

This was such the perfect poem to remind me of the beauty of all the human experiences. When stripped down like this, when I feel like a shell, I can be held by others and by life. There are worlds that I carry within.

Yes, that's right. Remembering now. It is ALL inside of me: all that I am and all that I love.


Thank you lovely Joanne, for this:

i am only
a shell of myself,
hold me
to your ear.

-Andrea Gibson