Have you heard the news that some stores are now opening on Thanksgiving evening in order to get a jump start on Black Friday shopping?! Enough is enough!

So many people in our country are in debt and there is already so much stress associated with the holidays. It is time to turn this all on its head and get our priorities back in order.

I'm rebelling.

Will you join me?

I want us all to stay home part of the day on Black Friday and create a Love List for someoene in our life. Let's leave an emotional imprint, not a carbon one!

Check out the 2 minute video I created, make a Love List for someone you know, and email me on The NEW Black Friday to let me know you did so. I'll send you a free gift.





Will you please pass along this link to folks you know so others can join in the mission? http://www.thenewblack-friday.com