This evening, my dear friend and extraordinarily fashionable gal Suki is meeting me and my beau Ian at the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit for our very own Push the Envelope celebration. We're all going to wear something that makes us feel fun and fabulous — but something we wouldn't normally feel brave enough to wear.

When Suki and I came up with the idea, I knew right away that I would have to wear that green crinoline tutu that is as bold and daring as I wish I were. I bought it as the Edwardian Fair a couple years ago from this gorgeous girl who was pushing all kinds of fashion envelopes and who inspired me so much. (She had this whimsical eye makeup that included polka dots and swirls in all colors!)

Listen, just last night, trying on 1000 different boots, camisoles, hats, and gloves, was an event. I saw so clearly the importance of breaking out of my usual perception of myself. In all honesty, I'd been swimming in really low self esteem when I started trying on clothes. But by the time I'd spent over an hour in all kinds of wacky combinations, I felt … free. Free of my story. Free of the binds. Free of same-ole same-ole monkey mind. I felt like I could just drop everything and run off to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, get a job as the apple fritter sales girl, and write by the fire at night. I could be anything.

Something about trying on all those different combinations jiggled up my own thoughts into new combinations.

I am declaring June 29 as "Push the Envelope" Day. A chance for all of us to break out a bit and try on something — clothes, an energy, an attitude— that calls to us.

Sorry it is such short notice. The inspiration just dropped in. But feel free to push your own envelope today, tomorrow, or next week!

I challenge you to join in. And please … let me know how it goes! (Send photos!!)