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I attended a three-day seminar this past weekend, with the sessions starting at 8-or-9 am and going until 11pm at night, with just two hour-long breaks for meals and a few ten-minute breaks for snacks or whatnot. It was very intensive. I wasn't sleeping a lot because after the last session, my head would be spinning-spinning-spinning with new ideas and people I'd met and things I wanted to remember. There'd be lots of energy at night. Then, when the alarm rang, I'd be sooooo tired that I could barely pull myself out of bed and get down to the seminar.

One morning at 10am, after working intensely on some material since 8am, the trainer called for a ten-minute break. I was longing for my morning coffee — both the comfort of it and also the jolt of caffeine, which I hoped would provide some energy.

However, since there was such a short, short break and the coffee kiosk was kinda far away in the hotel, I decided I would RUN in order to ensure I get back in time. So I jumped up outta my seat and made a mad dash for the exit before it got too crowded with the other 500+ seminar attendees. I laughed because there were four others ahead of me who apparently had the same idea. The five of us sprinted down the long hallways, giggling and smiling at each other along the way. A few others started running behind us, and they started laughing, too.

When we all reached the coffee kiosk, we were the first handful of people in line. And we were all grinning and high-fiving each other. While we waited our turn, we excitedly shared stories of our work and our lives and inspirations we'd picked up thus far at the seminar. The energy was so high and so positive. I said to the man next to me, "I thought I needed coffee because I was feeling so sluggish and tired. But my energy is sky high right now. I feel so happy and full of vitality." He said, "Me, too. That run was so much fun. I need to do that in the middle of my work day instead of reaching for coffee!" I agreed, and added, "Also, just connecting with you guys and chatting for a few minutes on such an authentic level really adds to my energy."

It was such a small and simple few minutes. Less than ten! But it had a profound effect on me. I love what a huge impact such simple things as jumping or running or laughing or talking excitedly to people can have.

I'm fortunate enough to have a coach, Rich German, who really believes in focusing on energy. I've learned so many amazing tools from him about how to pay attention to my energy and how to shift my energy levels. And I have so much more to learn! Tonight Rich is offering a free teleseminar full  of information,  tips, and tools, followed by a live Q&A session. Knowing him, that time will also be overflowing with  lots of high energy and fun! If you're at all interested in exploring energy levels and burnout, I encourage you to drop by. It's free. And if you can't attend, you can always sign up just to get the recording the next day. I'm gonna try to be there live, but if I can't make it, I love to listen to these sorts of things while driving my son to school in the mornings.

I admit, I'm kind of a free teleseminar junkie. I love 'em. And the truth is, I love 'em because I typically feel more excited and energized after listening in. If I don't feel that way, I simply hang up the phone or stop the recording. But that rarely happens. There are always some nuggets that are exactly what I needed to hear and that make me feel that much more alive.

P.S. If you haven't already done so, head over to the Simply Celebrate website to receive a free energy download: Fifty Quick Pick-Me-Ups: Lift Your Energy in Ten Minutes or Less!