I'm taking this fabulous online class called Mondo Beyondo, which I'll tell you more about as it goes on. (It just started). Today's assignment was to set a timer for five minutes and in that time create a list of no-fail pick-me-ups. Hopefully the class's teachers won't mind me sharing the idea with you. I won't share all of the assignments, of course! (You'll probably want to take this class someday!) But I wanted to post my list and encourage you to create one of your own.

I was in a ho-hum mood when I started making my list, but merely creating the list was an instant joy jumpstart. That's why I named my list "Jumpstart Joy." Seriously, I felt more energetic just thinking of things that raise my energy!

Here's what it says:

1. Wear my black cloak, fingerless lacy gloves, a boa, faux leopard pillbox hat, or anything that delights me. (Yes, wear them to Safeway or the library, or nowhere!)

2. Listen to "Home" by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, "Horchata" by Vampire Weekend, "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas, the "Amelie" waltz, or other music on my "Feel Good" playlist.

3. Go out of my way to compliment someone, offer support to someone, surprise someone, or create a magical moment for someone.

4. Read or add to my Joy Book.

5. Listen to self-mentoring audio.

6. Open up blog to an empty post and just start writing the truth. Or find a piece of art (that I love) in istock and just post that.

Lemme know if you make one of your own! Okay?! And if you need some ideas to jumpstart your own list, you can check out Simply Celebrate's free download, Fifty Quick Pick-Me-Ups: Lift Your Energy in Ten Minutes or Less!