Running and Jumping Men and WomenYesterday I had a great talk about the words, “anti-aging” with my friend Mary Ann Bailey. We were laughing over the term, thinking that everyone is so ga-ga over this anti-aging thing — but doesn’t that term really imply NOT aging … or, um … death?

Isn’t what we’re all really wanting, rather than “not-aging”, is to age with grace and joy and vitality? Isn’t it really that we want to keep our minds and hearts open and be full of childlike wonder and glee? Don’t we want to keep on growing older and wiser, but practice living with vitality?

Whoops. I guess I can’t speak for the collective “we.” But I can say, that this is what I want.

This morning I was thrilled to see the front page of the New York Times boasting this headline: “Seeing Old Age as a Never-ending  Adventure.” Yee-haw! I’m inspired to live with energy and adventure all the days of my life!

Speaking of which, Mary Ann, whom I mentioned above, is offering a fabulous tele-class in March. It is called “Growing Older, Growing Bolder – Letting Go of Fear and Grabbing onto Your Dreams.” The class is specfically designed for women over 50 who are in a place in their lives where they can pursue their dreams, but who feel they need a little extra help. Check it out. She’s also got other fabulous coaching programs — all centered on “unleashing courage.”

There are so many ways we can age with joy and energy. If you’ve got ideas to share, I’d love to hear ‘em.