If you missed my radio interview last Friday about  great gift giving,  you can listen in by downloading the recording from the Simply Celebrate website. The fun show was all about different categories of gifts and some quick tips on how to give creative gifts that delight the recipients. You’ll see that right next to the recording, we’ve posted the Great Gifts Guide, which is a free PDF chock-full of ideas. Take a peek and I’m sure you’ll find a new idea or two for your list this year.

I’m headed out of town for ten days, but hope to be in touch while I’m away!

My mantra as I attempt to head out the door is “Be present now. Be present now. Be present now.” I don’t want to get so stressed about all the packing and gifts that I forget what is truly important: the family I’m headed to see!

What I remember most from last Christmas is not what gifts I received, but that moment when my mom looked up to say something to my son and we all realized she had three mini-marshmallows from her cocoa drinking stuck to her lip. We all laughed and laughed and laughed.

May you find yourself immersed in lots of laughter …