I don’t know about you, but I am in shock that the craziness of the holidays has already kicked in. It feels like it was just Halloween. Where did November go?!

Every year I re-dedicate myself to having a stress-free holiday season. I try as hard as I can to keep things as simple as possible — despite the travel and other seasonal hoopla. Today I ran across something that I am going to use as a way to help myself relax whenever I get too frantic, frightened, or frazzled.


I’ve written before about this visualization I do in which I meet up with my future self and she usually gives me something that helps me out in some way. Today I stumbled across a short piece of writing about one of her gifts:

When I visit Poppy today she is lying still in the grass. The sun is warm on her face. And mine, too, when I join her. We lie there quietly. We are both still. I hear the birds and smell the sweetness of the grass. I am happy to be alive, experiencing the peace. Poppy tells me that my gift today is this: a spot of grass/sun in my mind where I can rest whenever  I am frazzled, frantic, or frightened.

I’m passing along this gift to you. Close your eyes and imagine a calm, grassy spot where you lie down and let go.

Relax and enjoy the season.