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Last weekend my business partner, Tricia, and I spent three days at a business workshop.  We were in a hotel meeting room, seated at tables, for twelve hours a day — except for meal breaks. And amazingly, we didn’t get tired. We didn’t get bored. We didn’t start to slouch in our chairs, like so often happens at my desk at home. We were alert, energized, and excited.

Here’s why: clapping, marching, and power-hugging. Or more simply, “moving.” Every 45 minutes or hour, the speaker would have us get up and move around in some way. It is the simplest of techniques, and yet the results were awe-inspiring.  Two hundred participants stayed present and attentive — I might even use the word, “riveted”— for intense, long days simply by moving around a little every once in awhile? Yes. Yes. Yes.

I want you to try it. If you’re someone who sits at a desk most of the day, set an alarm that goes off every hour and when it goes off, you take a brisk five minute walk outside or you shut your office door and jump up and down or you walk down a flight of stairs or you do ten yogic sun salutations. And watch what happens.

What happened to those of us in the room was that we not only became more alert, we got more positive. More open. More playful. As our energy rose, so did our outlook on life.

It’s so simple! Tonight I was on a call with coach and author Rich German. Rich said, “When your energy is high, your thoughts follow. High energy=high thoughts=no fear.”

It makes me wanna jump for joy!