gapMy biz partner, Tricia, and I call each other every morning and talk for ten minutes. We don’t gossip or talk about our work tasks, but rather, we check in with one another to share how we are feeling, intentions for the day, or the chattering voices in our heads that may be keeping us from feeling the way we want to feel. This morning I wasn’t feeling at all like having our call. I was crabby about having to stop what I was doing in order to get on the phone.

But by some grace, I happened to notice that I was cranky and I stopped, took a long breath, and reminded myself that I actually love these calls and I always feel an energy boost following them. I always feel more connected to myself and to Tricia. In that short moment, everything changed. My mood lifted. I picked up the phone, called Tricia, and told her what had just happened.

We spent our ten minutes talking about “that magical gap”: whatever it is that enables people to get a little distance between their feelings and reality. It seems to me like one small gap has often been the thing that has kept me from fighting with someone I love or from falling into a bad habit. Sometimes that small gap has been just enough to get me to do ten minutes of yoga or walk outside and get some sunshine. That gap has helped me many times to cross the line between crabby and happy, ordinary and extraordinary. Do you know what I’m talking about? Watch today. See if the magical gap appears out of nowhere. Lemme know.