Monday morning blues.


Anyone else ever wake up after a long, fun-filled weekend and feel a sense of dread? It’s Monday morning after Memorial Day Weekend and I awoke feeling so heavy and uninspired. The bizarre thing is, I love the work I do. I have a great life. There is nothing at all “bad” going...

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Monday Blues (redux!)

Tom Dugan, thanks for pointing it out: it’s not Monday! It’s Tuesday. All is new....

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Circle of Giving.


Charles Bohannan, author of Wordful (a place to get support, advice and tips for your writing and your blog content), recently won two tickets to an information-packed workshop on social media. Charles has generously offered to share the wealth by creating a contest to give away his second tick...

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Spamalot makes me Thinkalot.


I was skimming the San Francisco Chronicle’s Sunday entertainment section and happened across an article about the opening of Spamalot at a local theater. A side article about one of the stars of the show, John O’Hurley, included a short interview with him. The final question, and H...

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How to become someone/something you want to become.


Twenty years ago I was someone who wanted to wear hats. I loved the way women looked in hats. I loved the styles and whimsy and history of hats. I could imagine how it would be to have a room full of beautiful hats. But alas, I was not the sort of women who could wear hats. Then someone very w...

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Moments that take our breath away


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. —Anonymous Some things in the last week that fit into that category for me: 1. Watching fireworks from a ferry boat on the San Francisco Bay with a huge full moon overhead — and an e...

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Yesterday I wrote an email to a colleague and I mentioned to her that I was feeling cranky. Or maybe it was grumpy. Or crabby. One of those words that sounds like it could be one of the Seven Dwarfs — the one deliberately kicking Happy in front of him as they march and sing in time. When...

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Take Ten!


One of the most helpful life tools I ever learned came from an inspirational coach and teacher named Rich German. Rich is all about habitual practices that make people feel good. I began a daily 10/10 practice last September following one of his free teleseminars and the results have been amazi...

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Wake Me Up Before You Go Go


Yesterday morning I awoke with this anxiousness about getting things done. My head was filled with so many details and worries about checking things off the list. While meditating I saw so clearly how I can slip (headfirst!) into “DO” mode and forget the whole spirit behind Simply...

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How sweet it is…


Sometimes I look up from my desk and realize that I haven’t laughed in hours. I can get so serious. I’m just so … nose-to-the-grindstone. If you’re in a very intellectual, go-getter mood right now, just mosey on along. But if you wanna crack a smile, visit Cake Wrecks...

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