Hope for the world. (And me)


Yesterday, I was driving my eight-year-old son (Kayne) and his friend home from school. His friend was repeatedly putting himself down. I asked him if he noticed how hard he was being on himself. And then Kayne jumped in and said, “Yeah, you know that’s just monkey mind saying all t...

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What I learned from Susan Boyle


More than 37 million people have watched the YouTube video of Susan Boyle. Here’s what she taught me today: 1. You’re never too old to follow your passion. 2. Every moment is completely new. 3. I should never presume that I know who someone is or what they are like. 4. One of the gr...

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I’ve been trying to think of a way to open this blog. To tell you what Cherry Blossom Soup means and how it is related to Simply Celebrate. I keep sitting down to write to you, but every time I just get bogged down in too many words; I get paralyzed by my desire to say the perfect thing. ...

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On being very patient.


I made a vow to myself that I wasn’t going to post blog entries because I should. You know how that voice creeps in and says, “You haven’t posted anything in a long time. You SHOULD write something. Now.” (Fill in the blank for whatever your own SHOULD is.) I don’t...

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