Happiest Moments …


I was recently the lucky winner  of Happier.com’s “Happiest Moment” photo contest. The winning pic is the one of my son, above. (The other pic is me with my “winning photo” mug! Here’s what the moment was for me: There is no happier moment...

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Life Day (Wear Yellow!)


Today’s post is offered in appreciation and honor of Timothy Lowe, a reader from New Jersey. Timothy created a special celebration for September 20 that I want to share with you in his own words (see below). I’d love to hear from other readers who have been inspired to celebrate in ...

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Energy Elixir


Last weekend my business partner, Tricia, and I spent three days at a business workshop.  We were in a hotel meeting room, seated at tables, for twelve hours a day — except for meal breaks. And amazingly, we didn’t get tired. We didn’t get bored. We didn’t start...

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Come to Your Senses


Wheeeee! Just launched a completely new section of the Simply Celebrate website’s Vitality Salon. It’s called Come to Your Senses and is full of things to  do, listen to, watch, and read, that act as a “Chinese Menu of Delights” to help you when you need a little b...

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I’m Meeeeeeelting.


Overwhelmed? Anxious? Trying to figure something out? Here is a very simple technique I learned last weekend while on retreat withCheri Huber. She called it, “Relaxing the Brain” and it takes literally just seconds to do. (Though you can do it over and over again to repeat the wond...

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When Life Gives You Lemons: The Real Deal


The other day a very kind man was helping Tricia and me make some major changes to the Simply Celebrate website. Techno babble server changes whatnot. This kind man stumbled into some unforeseen problems and the upshot was that for a day the website and all its lovely accoutrements &mdas...

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I’m not tired or feeling rushed or put out by this detour off the Central San Rafael exit to find a bathroom for Zoe. I’m mostly glad that I took her seriously when she said she felt sick. Usually when she says that we’re on our way somewhere and while not always in a rus...

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On a bad day.


Thinking about how when my friend Greggie and I were depressed or angry, we’d get in the car, drive for miles on the freeway, and yell at the top of our lungs: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”   ...

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If the Shoe Fits (Take Three)


Last week my posts were about using the “vitality-meter” to help me decide what things and activities bring me energy and joy. Today when I was reading a post from Jeri’s Organizing & Decluttering News, I noticed her headline: Do You Have Room for the Mediocre...

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If the Shoe Fits (Take Two)


I posted an article earlier this week about using the “vitality-meter” to help me get rid of things. Today I opened the paper and read about Andy Warhol’s 610 containers of fascinating “junk” — including some old nutbread from his cousi...

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