Tra la la! What Bradley Cooper and I have in common!


I just watched the video clip of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga singing “Shallow,” from "A Star is Born" at the Oscar’s Sunday night. I haven’t yet seen the movie and I missed the Oscar’s, but I do have a tiny connection to Bradley Cooper! Last week I was in Los Angeles for a on...

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Do you give yourself this?


One of my favorite things to do is to walk along the beach and listen to the uplifting recordings I've made for myself — recordings about who I want to be, how I want to live my life, and inspiration to connect more deeply with the world. Yesterday morning kicked off a weekend "writerc...

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C’mon over + bring the tissues!


  What the heck am I so excited about?! That pic up above is part of a video from the Secret Agent Challenge: Operation Love, which launched this past Sunday, Random Acts of Kindness Day. I had no idea how extraordinarily uplifting and connecting this project would be. I k...

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Heck with the Hallmark kinda Valentine’s …


I don't have anything against Hallmark. Or Valentine's Day. I don't have anything against special occasions. Or celebration. (Of course! I love 'em!) But what irks me is this: when we're fed ideas about these "picture perfect" lives that for most people simply don't exist. Our culture t...

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What Alison Had to Say …


  My friend, Alison Luterman, is an amazing poet and human being. She is authentic, warm, kind, and caring. She is devoted to her writing and performance as a career, which means that she spends a lot of time working in solitude. A couple weeks ago, Alison wrote a newsletter arti...

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{Audio) A Fun Giving Game


In a recent Kind Over Matter Article, I invited readers to participate in a fun game I named, "Play it Forward." All participants have to do is offer a small act of kindness in the world — with a twist: include some way for the person who receives the kindness to "play it forward" for ...

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Love Letter to the Grieving


  I just read a beautiful reminder in the New York Times this morning about how important it is to write a letter to someone grieving about the person who has died. If you can think of a few special memories you have about the person who died, these can be such pinpricks of light...

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We need more joy!


Remember last week I was telling you the story of how my beau and I almost missed the crazy beautiful lunar eclipse? I made a video about it because it has such an impact on me. I mean, heck, I'm a coach. I talk about following through on intention all the time. And yet, that ole Squawky Pol...

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Get up and go. (Jump in!)


  Last week I wrote to you about my experience nearly NOT going to see the blood red wolf super lunar eclipse. A few days later, I read this piece by Alexandra Franzen, which is along all the same lines. (How easy it is to get talked out of things that bring us joy.) I want to...

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Get up + go.


  Sunday night was the "super blood wolf" moon. (Total lunar eclipse meets super moon meets January!) I had plans to be with my beau during that time and we both knew this celestial moon event was happening. We'd researched when it was happening. And the best times to see it i...

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