LoveGram: Tiny Matters


  Hello, my dear friend. Today's LoveGram is all about "tiny matters." It is about small spaces of time in which we can plant seeds for who we want to be and how we want to feel. I just set my timer for five minutes. I want to show what is possible in such a little space of ti...

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Gratitude with Attitude


When my friend, Tricia, and I went on a retreat together, I bought us both the most fun and simple gratitude journal! It is called "Gratitude with Attitude" and was created by Ronnie Walter and published through our fellow publishing company, Mango Publishing. I look forward to ...

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{Uplift Gifts!} Amazing People Party!


      Hello, friend. I'm popping by to tell you about an amazing celebration idea that I learned from my friend, Lynda Allen. It is called "An Amazing People Party!" It is so simple, but absolutely wonderful and will bring some new friends into your life. ...

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LoveGram: Be Brave with love today!


  Hello, my dear friend. Thank you for offering support and cheering me on for my very first television segment that happened on Friday. I was really nervous and scared. But I wrote myself a note that said, "Today I will remember that my desire to help people live a life fille...

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Last-Minute Valentine


Commercial holidays can be hard for so many. Reach out this weekend to someone who needs a boost of true Valentine's LOVE. Read on: My friend (whom I've never had the pleasure of meeting in person, but will some day!) Deanna Bowers is a fellow fan of a brand of shoes called John Fluevog Shoe...

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Audio LoveGram: Wide Sky Perspective


This week's LoveGram is all about perspective and asking ourselves new questions!  I wanted to share with you that perspective that happens when it is possible to be someplace new — and to see possibility in the wide skies. Here's the link to this week's audio — just for you!  ...

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Sunday LoveGram: Look in your backyard!


  Hello, my dear friend. Something different happened today. Before I came out to my studio to connect with you and create my weekly LoveGram, I was listening to a Dr. Joe (Dispenza) meditation. During that meditation, I got the guidance to send you last week's audio LoveGram ...

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Sunday Love Gram: Trust


Hello, my dear friend. Today, as I was walking out to my studio to connect with you via LoveGram, several things dropped in at once from life.  I usually like let these audio notes be spontaneous, in the moment, generated by intuition or inspiration.  I didn’t know how...

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LoveGram: Allowing + Unraveling


Hello, my dear friend. I almost didn't create a LoveGram for you today.  Not because I don't love you, but simply because this week has been such a jarring and heartbreaking time here in the United States. And also, because I didn't quite know how — or if — to address eve...

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Sunday LoveGram: Tell a New Story


Hello, my dear friend. As we begin 2021, I want to repeat something I said to you last week. It bears repeating: I want you to feel grateful to yourself for who you have been, for how you have loved, for the ways that you have brought comfort and love to people around you.  I...

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