Sunday Love Gram: Connect to someone you love!


  I started creating these audio LoveGrams at the beginning of the pandemic. None of us imagined how long this would go on or how much loss and grief it would bring. In addition to the gravity of death and illness, many of us are really lonely for the people we love. Today's ...

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LoveGram: Play


Today's Audio LoveGram is all about play.   I woke up today in the opposite feeling of play. I woke up anxious, thinking of the long list of things to do. Ugh. Good thing I spent some time with a meditation that led me to this word "play." Thank goodness you were here, so I could o...

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Parenting During the Pandemic


  Today I'm facilitating an author panel focused on Parenting During the Pandemic. Our guest authors are Dr. John Duffy and Michelle Travis, who bring a wealth of knowledge about parenting. I invite you to join us on this Zoom event at 1:30pm PDT/4:30pm EDT. Michelle a...

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Sunday LoveGram: Never too Late


Today's Audio LoveGram is in support of "it's never too late. It's never  too late to love someone or forgive someone.  It's never  too late to love or forgive yourself. It's never too late to have  a happy childhood. It sounds cliche. But it is true. If you're breathing, you h...

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Uplift Gifts: Custom Coffee Klatch


          If you listened to my audio LoveGram on Sunday, you heard me talk about how sad I've been this past week. There's sure been a lot of emotion coming up! Obviously, we're living in a time that is filled with grief, loss, anger, and disappo...

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Sunday LoveGram: Old Fashioned Connection


    I'm sending you love on this Sunday morning. While I was recording your LoveGram, three little birds were playing happily in the crab apple tree outside my window. I think this bird trio wanted us to get the message that even though things are unsettled and hard, even...

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Sunday LoveGram (June 21, 2020)


Hello, friend. I began creating these Sunday LoveGrams when the pandemic started. From the beginning, I have taken refuge in the Ram Dass quote, "We're all just walking each other home." Today's LoveGram feels like it embodies that sentiment even more than usual because I created i...

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Sunday LoveGram


  Hi Friend, I'm coming to you from another Sunday. This morning, right before I hit "record," a hummingbird flitted around outside my studio. It is amazing how such a tiny creature can bring such joy. I'm still happy, just thinking about that little bird. That's what our a...

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{Facebook Live Today} Navigating Crisis


          I'm sending you love on this Friday morning. So many people are experiencing grief, loss, depression, anger, and upheaval right now — some in very personal ways like illness, death, or loss of income. And others, in more shared ways, li...

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Love Gram: Skirting the pit of despair


  Hello, friend. This has been a heart-wrenching week here in the U.S. The world is upside down anyway, with the pandemic and all its resulting losses. And now we have more unfathomable and systemic racism, brutality, violence, killing. I have been teetering on the edge ...

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