Hello wonderful friend.

I send you a sweet, deep breath.

I send you the scents of cinnamon and pine, nutmeg and clover.

I send you the warm sun on your face on a cold morning.


Today’s audio LoveGram is about this season of gift giving and my request to you to try a hand at giving at least one creative gift of time, love, or experience. 

On Friday, I sent you an email about one specific creative gift idea, the Makeshift Vacation. If you missed that email, you can read it here

In today’s audio, I tell you the WHY behind giving gifts like this.

WHY is it important for you, as the giver? Why is it meaningful to the recipient? 

I won’t spoil the audio for you, but I will say this: using our creativity and creating experiences that are novel really bring us to life and help us feel more alive! When you are giving creative gifts, you are giving someone zest and renewed energy! 

(To listen to today’s audio LoveGram, just scroll down on this page and click play on the audio player below!)


Thank you for being here with me. 

I know you are here because you want to live a kind, generous, loving life. You care about people around you. I know you do. 

I also know that you want to FEEL more. My mentor, Brendon Burchard, says, “feel the day!” We are living, breathing creatures who love to feel alive. 

All of these conversations we are having help us jumpstart more energy and enthusiasm in our lives — and for the people we love! 

We’re on this journey together.

I’m GRATEFUL for you. 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry



Here’s today’s LoveGram: See purple box below!

Download and listen on the go here: LoveGram 12-10-23