Happy is not a Four-letter word.


I don’t like when people tell me to cheer up. It drives me crazy when I’m walking down the street and a stranger says, “smile.” And I wince at the phrase “turn your frown upside down.” But I love being happy. It’s just unfortunate that the word “h...

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Anyone else in the world not yet viewed this celebratory “wedding march”?


I may have been the last one left who hadn’t seen it. But If you haven’t yet viewed it, watch it now! I love the joy! It makes me wonder why so many weddings are so serious and somber. ...

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Yes, Sweet Can.


On Sunday I saw a performance by a talented and whimsical group of performers calledSweet Can Productions. The performers were pretending to be a group of strangers, caught in a terrible rain storm, who take refuge in an empty cafe. They pass the time by dancing with brooms, tightrope walking a...

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What you see is what you get?


This morning I noticed that on the Simply Celebrate home page there is a link to a free downloadable that reads, “Make and Honest Stand.” I’ve looked at those words dozens of times since they were posted weeks ago. And never noticed that it says “and&rdqu...

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What Gives You Juice?


This morning I was asked the question, “How do you renew your passion for work when you’re feeling uninspired and need some oomph?” I loved that question because it made me think about conscious choices I can make to foster creativity and energy — rather than falling int...

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Delightful public bus ride: not an oxymoron!


Anyone who has ever taken public buses in an urban area knows how frustrating — and potentially depressing — it can be sometimes. Here in San Francisco, our buses are notoriously late and overcrowded. Which is why I really loved this heartwarming story about  bus driver wh...

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That Hollywood Glow.


This article is a reprint from the current Simply Celebrate monthly newsletter. We won’t always be posting the newsletter articles on the blog, so Sign up now! It’s free. I spent the 4th of July at my friend (and business partner) Tricia’s house in Browns Valle...

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Get Cinematic!

In my last post I talked about an experience over the 4th of July that made me feel like I was in the movies. (See Hollywood Glow.) I’ve been thinking a lot about how much myself and folks I know love going to the movies. How great it is to get immersed in the feeling of some ex...

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The Start of All Things Good.


Today I finished an eight-week class with coach and inspirational speaker, Rich German. Two things I like the best about Rich are that he keeps things simple and he has great energy. (Is “energy” too woo-woo California? I’ve lost my perspective. But at least I didn’t sa...

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That Magical Gap…


My biz partner, Tricia, and I call each other every morning and talk for ten minutes. We don’t gossip or talk about our work tasks, but rather, we check in with one another to share how we are feeling, intentions for the day, or the chattering voices in our heads that may be keeping us fr...

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