In this 20 minute video conversation, Cindia Carrere, couture energy and luxury visual branding expert, talks about creating Love Lists for her mom and dad and reading them aloud with both her parents, just before her mom went into hospice.

Here’s an excerpt from that conversation:
“I received the news that my mom has congestive heart failure and she does not qualify for the replacement valve surgery. And so the doctors tossed out the word, hospice, which I wasn’t prepared for.

When I heard the news, I didn’t know how to emotionally cope with it. The first thing that came to me is that I want this experience to bring out the best in me. Instead of being bitter, sour, or angry, I wondered what I could do to stay in a good place.

How could I keep my vibration high? How can I stay in a place of love?

And then, I saw Sherry’s face and could hear her say, “Make a Love List.” If my parents don’t have that long to live, I want to bring joy into their lives anyway I can. Instead of lamenting it or regretting it, I’m thinking now that I have this heads up, I can lay down the track of everything I love.

So I opened up two documents, one for my Dad and one for my Mom. And I started my Love Lists …”

Watch the video about this here!