Welcome to your Sunday Audio LoveGram.

Today I send you a pencil box filled with freshly-sharpened new pencils.

I send you the feeling of a brand new beginning. 

I send you a table, a cup of something hot, and a good friend who is a good listener. 


So, today’s LoveGram is a conversation about just that — conversation!

In particular, good conversation. 

We’re talking about the kind of conversation that feels like sweet medicine. 

My mentor, Brendon Burchard, invites us to be the person to elevate relationships. Another way to say that is to be the person who helps people feel good. Who helps people feel more alive. Who helps people feel more connected and to experience more meaning in life. 

And, of course, when I say “helps people” that includes us, right? 

We’re taking ordinary moments (like a conversation over coffee) and looking to make them feel extraordinary. For everyone. 

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And so, the thing that I’m talking to you about in today’s audio, which I hope you’ll listen to, is the power of putting a frame around a space of time and sharing conversation with someone. 

You can choose to make that conversation feel more alive and to feel more meaningful. 

Do you have a conversation coming up soon? Maybe with your best friend or someone at work or around the dinner table at home? 

How could you set an intention to make that conversation elevate people’s feelings about who they are and about the circle that you’re in together?


This conversation is a conversation we don’t have very often, and I’m really happy to be having it with you here today! 

Thank you for being here on the other side of this metaphorical table, helping me to understand more about what gives my life meaning and how I can jump start feeling more alive. 

So much of that connection happens when I’m talking to you and it’s because I feel your energy. 

I feel your willingness. I feel your intention to want to live a life that has more celebration, more, joy, more meaning. 

Thank you. Thank you for showing up. You make a difference in my life. 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. If you want to watch the hour-long author panel on “The Healing Power of Good Conversation,” click here


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