Hello wonderful friend.

I send you a blue jay, squawk-squawk-squawking.

I send you a jack-o’-lantern, a little worse for wear, but still grinning.

I send you the last sips of your coffee and a song on the radio that makes you hum out loud.


These last couple weeks we’ve been talking about how to care for ourselves — against the backdrop of wars, earthquakes, shootings, and other griefs.

We’ve also been talking about how to care for each other.

It isn’t easy. 

But here, we are, on this spinning planet. Together. 

 Walking each other home, as Ram Dass so beautifully said. 

And, it is that togetherness, that matters most, I think.


Today’s audio LoveGram is called Sweet Sorrow because it speaks to the CONNECTION that can happen when we trust each other to sit with  or talk about some of this hard stuff. 

It is also a nod to a book called “Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make us Whole” by Susan Cain. 

I had coffee with my friend, Shawn Buttner last week and he had just finished the book. (I read it recently, too.) 

We not only had an amazing conversation that day, but we went on to do two Facebook Lives and another facilitated group this week — all on the subject of allowing ourselves to experience heartache and sorrow. 

Instead of recording a new audio for you, I want to share one of my conversations with Shawn because I think it is really important. 

My friend Shawn is a Certified High Performance Coach just like me. We are both interested in living a positive, fulfilled life that has lots of joy. 

AND we are interested in NOT doing the spiritual bypassing or Pollyanna ignoring of authentic grief, loss, or sadness. 


The audio I am sharing with you today is an unscripted conversation about how to navigate having a positive, growth-oriented mindset AND also being real and allowing the whole range of human emotions. 

It can be tricky! 

That’s why I wanted to share this with you! 

(To listen to today’s audio LoveGram, just scroll down on this page and click play on the audio player below!)


We are all in this together. 

No matter what is going on, we are part of this web of humanity.

We need to remember that it is okay to feel hard things when we read about, hear about, or experience sorrowful or heartbreaking things. 

Feeling hard stuff does not make us weak. It does not indicate that we are not up for the challenges of life. It makes us human.

Does someone in your life need permission to feel sorrow? Can you sit with them?

Do YOU need permission? If so, please let my LoveGram be that permission.

You are strong. You can get through hard things. You can support others, too.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry



Here’s today’s LoveGram: See purple box below!

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