Hello Beautiful Friend!

Welcome to your Sunday Audio LoveGram. 

I’m happy you are here, giving yourself a tiny slice of time for some inspiration and self-care. It is so important. 

And, it means a lot to me that we share in these conversations every week. 


In today’s audio LoveGram we we are tackling some big stuff. 

One of my dear coaching clients is grieving the sudden death of her husband and I’ve been noticing the great sadness in me as I think about this loss — and as I hold her in my heart. 

Of course we all know we are going to die. And the people we love are going to die. 

But somehow, knowing that simply doesn’t prepare us. 

Nor does it seem to impact us on a day-to-day level like it should. 

I remember a friend of mine practically jumping out of his chair, saying “Why oh why don’t we spend more time loving and appreciating the people in our lives? We know they will die. We know we will die. We should feel urgency about expressing our love. But we don’t.”

Why do we think we have all of the time in the world? 

The truth is, we have to practice love and appreciation. We have to hone these skills and get better and better.  

It is so essential that somehow we know in our hearts — and that we make it a regular habit — to NOT WAIT. 

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We’ve been together every Sunday for the LoveGram since March, 2020, when the pandemic began. 

I’m so grateful for our connection and that we can share what matters most together. 

I’m so grateful that we are doing this together — walking each other home to ourselves. (Thank you Ram Dass, for that metaphor!) 

We are not alone.

I see the way you show up. 

I see your sweet heart and your willingness to love people and life in new ways! 

Please appreciate yourself. 

I appreciate you! 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry



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