Hello Beautiful Friend!

Welcome to your Sunday Audio LoveGram.

I look forward to talking to you every week — you inspire me!

Thank you for being here and for being in conversation with me about ways to live a life that feels a little more connected, loving, colorful, and joyful.


Our audio LoveGram this week is about celebration. I feel we have been misled about what it is and its role in our lives.

I really feel that celebration can be a part of our everyday lives and that we do not need to earn it by accomplishing anything. 

We also don’t need to wait for special occasions in order to have it! 


No matter how you are feeling, you can invite and create celebration.

I mean that.

Celebration can be such a tiny thing, like raising a glass to someone at dinner and thanking them for a kindness. It can be a little string of fairy lights we put on the car dashboard for our evening road trip. It might be a journal entry in which we acknowledge ourselves for a hard conversation, for our patience with our children, or for surviving another day!

Celebration is like putting a beautiful frame around a small moment and letting ourselves experience that joy. 

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No matter how you are feeling or what your energy level is today, I hope you will think about bringing an extra bit of celebration in.

If you are having a hard time or aren’t feeling well, celebration might be simply closing your eyes and turning your face to the sun for a moment. It might be a hand on your heart as you breathe deeply and remind yourself that you are capable. It might be a little twist of lime in your sparkling water or turning on music that you love.

I see you! 

I appreciate the many ways you connect to other people and to your life.

Please know how much you matter. 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


💖 P.S. Celebration can be as simple as turning our face toward the sun, even when everything in us feels clouded over with sadness or fear.


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