Give a gift of love that lasts a lifetime!

great_closed_and-open-booksI create one-of-a-kind Love Story Celebration books that are chock-full of memories, wishes, and photographs from a group of a couple’s closest friends and family.

In our wedding or anniversary books, couples get to tell the story of how they met, their engagement, what they love best about each other, and their favorite adventures together. Friends and family participate, too, and tell what makes them such a great couple, favorite memories shared with them, and where they think they’ll be down the road.

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A few favorite lines from wedding books:

  • The story of our proposal? I knew it had to be simple because Lora is hard to surprise. So I put the ring on our cat’s collar and sent him upstairs to see her. But she didn’t notice, even when he was rolling in front of her!
  • How did we meet? She asked me to her sorority date party. When she asked me out, she was wearing her ugly baby blue wind pants. Fortunately, I was willing to overlook those pants because we had an amazing time together — and it hasn’t    stopped yet!
  • What makes them a great couple? Sandi likes to shop and Henry likes to shop even more.
  • One of my favorite things to do together is to watch dating shows on a lazy Saturday morning so we can marvel at our luck in finding one another.