Materials Needed:

  • Fortune Cookies (Buy a package from your local Chinese restaurant, Asian Supermarket, or online from Amazon. Or you can bake your own!)
  • Blue painters tape that won’t leave any sticky residue.
  • Stovetop pot with steaming pan.
  • Paper and pens to make your fortunes. Each fortune will be 2? by .5? and no larger.
  • Your Love List for the recipient. (Best to keep ’em short ‘n sweet so they fit on the small slips!)

Click the audio below to hear Ian Fratar in conversation with Sherry about how he makes Fortune Cookie Love Lists.

After you listen to the audio, please note these special added instructions:

      • Make all your paper fortunes first before steaming open the fortunes.
      • Make sure none of the fortune cookies are touching while steaming or they may stick together.
      • Steaming takes just minutes — just long enough that they are soft enough to swap fortunes.
      • Have pieces of your blue tape cut + ready while the cookies are steaming. So you can quickly pinch the ends closed + tape ’em so they dry correctly.
      • After taping them, let them dry at least 30 minutes before removing the tape. Seal them tightly in airtight container so they don’t get stale.

The audio above includes step-by-step instructions from my beau, Ian!