Suzy Marks 80th Birthday Book Sample + Testimonials

Video testimonial from Suzy, who received an 80th birthday book from her children. (Scroll down to flip through the pages of her book!)


Testimonials from Suzy and a few of the book participants:


“This book is magnificent. My children, grandchildren, and friends have expressed themselves with more love and concern than any mother could ever wish for — let alone imagine possible. It’s poetic. It is beautiful. The words within it fill my heart. It is a lifetime gift — and it makes getting older a heck of a lot easier!” (Book recipient, Suzy Marks)

Oh my goodness!! This book is awesome!! You really had people express authentically and individually how Suzy has touched their lives. I am very impressed! Thank you for facilitating a gathering of love that usually stays covered until it’s too late. (Book participant, Deb Watson)

This is an amazing tribute to Suzy. It is gorgeous and gives me deep feelings of love and respect for her. Each page is a revelation of how she has lived her life in relation to her marriage, family, friends, causes, and her personal journey. I am moved by her journey and by her children’s desire to reflect back their love and respect for her through this 80th Birthday Celebration Book. It is magnificent. (Suzy Green, book participant)