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5-Day Course: Permission + Belonging

Step-By-Step Training To Give Yourself Permission To Be You in the World & Belong To Yourself.

Have you always felt like there was a certain way you had to be in life? Have you hid your real joy, play, creativity, and soulful expression for fear that it wouldn’t be accepted, good enough? Has your disconnection from your own personal joys left you feeling lonely, depressed and down?

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It’s not too late. You aren’t too old. You are just in time. 

Let Sherry teach you how to give yourself permission to be YOU.
Here's what you will learn each day:

Day 1 - Connection & Compassion

You will learn how to give yourself permission to settle into the moments that make up your life by allowing yourself compassion and the capacity to feel and be who you are.

Day 2 - Curiosity

You will learn how allowing curiosity to play can help you to feel and move through difficult times and give you hope for finding more moments of light.

Day 3 - Connection

You will learn how vulnerability deepens relationships and helps us grow, expression enlivens us, and connecting to others connects us to ourselves.

Day 4 - Creativity

You will learn how to welcome creativity into life as a vehicle to help you feel more alive, more colorful, more possible.

Day 5 - Caring

You will learn how to curb anxious, fearful, judgmental thoughts and take back your life (and celebrate others!) by reaching out and connecting with others using a few of my favorite tools and techniques for fostering joy and connection.

It’s not too late. You aren’t too old. You are just in time.

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Olly Olly Oxen Free

5-Day Course: Permission + Belonging

5 video lessons, resources, meditation, journal prompts, and daily action steps to help you reconnect and realign with the truth of who you are and how you want to live and experience your life.

 ❤️ How to turn ordinary days into an extraordinary life by changing perception

 ❤️ How to create more space in life and in yourself by giving yourself permission to feel

 ❤️ How to figure out what works for you and give yourself permission to be and express you

 ❤️ How to allow yourself the same permission to be imperfect as you do others

 ❤️ What connects you to the people around you even when they are far away

 ❤️ How to learn for yourself what allows you to be comfortable in your skin

 ❤️ How to build trust in yourself as you follow the moments that bring you to life

 ❤️ How to discern what gives you vitality, joy and freedom

 ❤️ How to find joy, fascination and celebration

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What Does A Life of Permission & Belonging Look Like To You?

More space for connection and creativity?
More joy, vibrancy and play?
More happiness and less judgement?
A healthier relationship with yourself and others?

I’m not sure what a life of permission and belonging looks like for you… but I do know that these small daily shifts that you’re going to get in this challenge, will help you get there.

Meet Sherry!

In the midst of everyday life, it is easy to forget how extraordinary — and fleeting— our lives are. Thus, Sherry believes in a simple philosophy: make moments into gifts. 

She helps people appreciate who they are and the people they love through customized tribute books and other one-of-a-kind gifts that inspire us to celebrate, share, and build beautiful relationships. Don’t wait; say it now.

Real Life. Real world experience.

Here’s what others are saying about the wisdom, teachings, and coaching from Sherry, whose work has been featured in Forbes, Success, The Huffington Post, Redbook and more.

“The best thing I did was to reach out to Sherry for coaching. Her unique brand of fairy dust was life-changing. I’m so much more happy with my work life than ever before.” 

—Ingrid Lil, Founder of Lil’s Universe Storybranding

"This transformative coaching experience was like floating in cool water on a hot, sunny day.  I felt supported, accepted, and embraced when sharing my ever-changing experiences.  Sherry's guidance helped me reflect on processes and her gentle nudges helped shift my orientation to find the light and sparkles even in dark spaces." 


"This program was such a beautiful opportunity to connect with a group of kind, compassionate, women. Sherry offers her big, beautiful heart and wisdom so fully to this group. It is a playful course that offers gentle and fun ways to bring moments of joy into life, and to celebrate them together! I felt met, I felt seen, I felt celebrated, I felt loved... and I will forever feel deeply grateful!"


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