The Love List Mobile is especially great for your grade school niece or daughter, your high school graduate who is going away to college, or an elderly parent in a nursing home. (But don’t limit yourself; this art piece will be beloved by anyone who likes to have meaningful keepsakes around the house!)

lovelistmobile-pinMaterials Needed:

  • Something to use as the “sticks.” Could be actual twigs. Could be pencils. Could be tinker toys. Whatever fits the personality of the recipient.
  • Some string, yarn, or wire.
  • Paper and pens to make your Love List items that hang. You could also print them, using fun fonts if you choose.
  • Your Love List for the recipient. (Best to keep ’em short ‘n sweet so they fit on the small slips!)

kate-rosinClick the audio below to hear Kate Rosin in conversation with Sherry about how she made the Love List Mobile.