Bubble Flash Mobs are an inexpensive way to create a surprise gift for a whole bunch of strangers!

In April, 2017 Simply Celebrated hosted its 3rd Bubble Flash Mob. All three have been held in Dolores Park, located in San Francisco, CA.

It’s hard to explain in words the joy of a sudden crowd of people blowing bubbles in a public place. Luckily, I don’t have to explain. Watch the short video below and check out some of the many amazing photos.

I promise you, you want to do this.

It is easy.

It will be one of those memorable moments in your life!


How to Host a Bubble Flash Mob?

  • Buy some bubbles.
    (This can be several small containers for less than $2, dozens of small containers, or bubble solution + wands for really big bubbles.)
  • Gather a mob.
    (A mob can be two people, twelve people, or two hundred people.
  • Blow bubbles.
  • Experience the magic.

What do you need to create a Bubble Flash Mob?

Um, really, you just need BUBBLES. And at least one person (YOU!) But you can also gather dozens or hundreds of people.

  • You can buy three small containers of bubbles at your local Target or Walgreens, give two containers to friends or strangers, and start blowing bubbles. Yes. It can be as simple as this.
  • You can buy oodles of bubble containers in all shapes, sizes, and quantities online. Gather a whole group of friends or publicize via social media or event listings. Pass out bubbles to anyone nearby.
  • You can teach yourself to make REALLY BIG bubbles like you see in a lot of our photos. My beau Ian is the official bubble maker and he says there are tons of YouTube videos to help you learn. I did a quick search on Amazon and found these bubble wands and bubble solution for great big bubbles. I also found this how-to booklet for making big bubbles. (I haven’t read the booklet, but heck, it is $2.99; give it a try. I also haven’t used these wands or this solution, since Ian has all that stuff at the ready. I just wanted to provide some quick links to save you time. I can’t be responsible for the success of your bubble making!)

Listen to an audio conversation from Andrea Scher’s “Make Your Own Magic” class in which she + Sherry go deep about Bubble Flash Mobs and creating joy!

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Watch this short video on how to host a bubble flash mob

Watch this TV coverage from our 2012 Bubble Flash Mob

Check out these photos from our 2013 Bubble Flash Mob

Click here for photos!

Check out these photos from our 2012 Bubble Flash Mob

Click here for photos!

Photo credits:

Top photo/color: Andrea Scher Photography

Top photo/ sepia: John Nieto Photography

Middle photo/girl in purple tutu: Andrea Scher Photography