A new agenda

Write yourself into a new day


If you want to find a renewed sense of celebration today, try this writing exercise:

  • Set your timer for 10-minutes.
  • Brainstorm all the possible “agenda items” for your day.
  • Don’t let the judge or critical editor come in; write down everything.
  • Allow the sense of play and possibility.


Here’s a sample from my own writings…

Sherry’s possible agenda for the day: 

  • Walk around the neighborhood until I spot an orange-red tulip.
  • Smile like a kid, without showing any teeth.
  • Re-learn just one chord on the pink ukulele.
  • Buy loaves of warm, fresh bread at the market and give to the homeless.
  • Sit and do nothing, face turned to the sky.
  • Sip my coffee as if it is the last cup on the last morning ever.
  • Tell my mom something I love about her that she doesn’t know.
  • Think of something I don’t yet know about myself.
  • Lie in the grass in a tank top and feel it tickle my skin.
  • Google who first knew to remove the skin from fava beans.
  • Wonder about other life on other planets.  Taste dragon fruit.
  • Draw a cartoon of a small hero riding dragon fruit to save the world.
  • Organize the books on my shelf according to the age I was when I first read them.
  • Sing “Amazing Grace” out loud in a public place.
  • Write a secret admirer letter to the person at a random street address.
  • Search out a scent I’ve never smelled.
  • Write it down in a thumb-sized notebook.
  • Tell Miss Ferris that you still remember her kindness from 45 years ago.
  • Listen to “Big Bad John” and think about riding bikes in the basement with my brother.
  • Holler “hello” in a cave.
  • Give one of my silver dollars to the first child I see.
  • Leave another silver dollar in an oak tree for someone to find who likes to climb.
  • Ask friends over to jump rope and chant, “Cinderella dressed in yellow…”
  • Wonder if cave people kissed.
  • Show up unexpected at Ian’s door and ask him to waltz to “La Valse D’Amelie.”
  • Find a body of water, a pier, and a sunset.