{Celebration Superstar} You can be a tiny bit courageous!



I’m excited to introduce you to a Celebration Superstar, Tom Bartley.

Remember in a recent audio LoveGram when I talked to you about taking the challenge to connect with someone during what might typically be a transactional moment — at a store, at the post office, passing someone on the street?

I shared with you some ideas from a Secret Agents of Change mission and invited you to give it a whirl.

Did you?

Well, the reason Tom is a superstar in my book is because he tried it!  And I’m so proud of him.


I recently met Tom and his wife Staci at a cafe in Fairfield, California.

Well, what I mean is that I met them in person. I’d actually known (and loved) them both for several years after we met online after I published an article about relationships.

Staci and Tom have a beautiful business focused on helping couples have deeper, more honest, more loving relationships.

They are an incredibly joyful and compassionate couple. I was so excited to get the chance to meet them in person!


When we met, our conversation naturally turned to relationships. I told them how fascinated I’d been recently with the idea of connecting with strangers in new ways.

Tom pointed out that he thought it was easy for his wife and me to connect with strangers because we have a lot of practice. He wondered aloud what it would take for someone who was a tiny bit shy to open up to a stranger and intentionally make a connection. 

I said, “Well, how about if you try it out and see what happens?”

I challenge Tom to connect to the owner of the restaurant, Guy, who had stopped by our table earlier to check in on us.

Tom took that challenge!

The next time Guy passed by, Tom stopped him and wondered if he could ask Guy a question.

If you click here you can hear Tom talk about what happened! 


Tom, when you read this, I hope you will appreciate yourself for being courageous enough to open up to a stranger.

It sounds like a simple thing, but it isn’t! It is bravery!

Many of us have donned metaphorical suits of armor in order to protect ourselves from being disappointed or rejected. 

However, those suits of armor also keep us from spontaneous connection and shared joy. 

Did YOU let down your guard this week?

Did you have a moment of connection with someone where you left knowing that you made their day a little brighter?

If so, really let yourself FEEL the significance of that. I mean it.

If not, guess what? Today is another day!

It is a brand new moment and chances are likely you will cross another person’s path. You can be courageous. You can lift their spirits with a genuine hello and a pause to listen to how the are doing.

Will you do this?  Just look at the experience Tom had!



Celebration is waiting for us. 

It is right here, in this moment, when we love who we are, the people around us, and the shape of our lives. 

I love you and am cheering you on, always.

Thanks for who you are.

Seek celebration — even in the dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. You saw Tom’s video … here’s the one I took of Tom interacting with Guy! (With permission, of course.)