LoveGram: Don’t Read This!


The subject of this post, is “Don’t read this.”

What I mean by that is, please don’t just read this email or listen to the audio LoveGram this week. Please don’t let it just be good information.

Please don’t file it away for some other time of your life.

Please, my friend, will you practice this?

Will you try it?

Will you put it into action?

Will you see what happens?

Will you take this one idea and let it transform your day today?

(Don’t worry: I will spell it out for you! I will tell you the one thing to do!)



In today’s audio LoveGram, I continue our recent conversations about connecting to people when we normally might just be on auto-pilot. I share with you the powerful Secret Agents of Change Mission that my friend Rosemerry and I hosted this week.

Listen to today’s Audio LoveGram by clicking through to this page now!  (Just scroll down on that page until you see the audio player. Press play. That’s it!)


After you listen, come back to this email and DO this!  👇

Read the poem. (Just below my signature!) Follow the prompt. (Just below the poem!) 


We can make the choice to SEE people and to connect every single day.

It is one of the most simple things we can do.

And one of the most profound.

I believe this is one of the paths that will save us from feeling lonely, isolated, exhausted, and disappointed.

I believe this is the way we will help save others.

Moment by sweet moment.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


Here’s the Poem: 


Here’s the Prompt: 

My friend, the kindness mission, should you choose to accept is, was explicit in Rosemerry’s beautiful poem: invite compassion

into every interaction.

And, be ridiculously courageous in love.

What does that mean? As you go about your day, whenever you see or interact with a human being, especially in places that might typically be transactional, pause and SEE that person.

See them as a human being who has hopes and dreams and grief and disappointments and upsets and exhaustion and secret joy.

SEE them as someone who is worthy of love and be ridiculously courageous in offering that love.

Ridiculous courage might look like a sincere compliment. (I love your beautiful smile.) It might be asking them if anything sweet or funny happened to them yet today. It might be slipping a small chocolate bar into your shopping cart and then gifting it to them with a big smile after they ring it  up. Maybe it is asking their name and sharing yours. Perhaps it is telling them something personal like, “I was feeling kind of blue today, but when I heard you laughing just now, it really cheered me.”

No one has to know what you are surreptitiously doing, but you will know that you are shining as much love on that person as you possibly can. You are looking at them and seeing one of the best human beings on the planet.

What’s your double secret agent mission? It is this: after you walk away, pause to notice how your heart feels. Experience all the love and compassion you just gave away + marvel how it seemed to double in volume magically in the giving.