Monthly Blog Archives: September 2020

Sunday LoveGram: Kintsugi


Hello, friend. It is a sunny Sunday and the air feels fresh. After weeks of ash and smoke, it feels like a gift to breathe this air, to see blue sky.  It is a gift.  Once, a doctor told me, "Health is a crown that only the sick can see."  I think about that often...

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Sunday LoveGram: In the Dark


Today's audio LoveGram is being sent to you from a moment when I can come up for air, in the midst of some darkness. I talk a lot about the metaphor of a nightlight — that saving grace we can find during times when we feel like we are lost in the dark. I repeat it a lot because it i...

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Sunday Love Gram: Do this for yourself


Welcome to another Sunday. It's not even 8am and is already hot here in San Francisco. It makes me miss my mom and barefoot days in Ohio with her — long breakfasts out on the patio, water balloon fights, and bonfires in the evenings. (Hi mom, I know you're reading this! 👋) It's...

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You Belong.


Hello, Earlier this week I was talking to my friend Rosemerry about the "dark night of the soul." I don't know if you've ever had one of those periods in your life, but I have. When I was young, all the way through my twenties, I had a lot of anxiety and depression. I never fel...

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