Monthly Blog Archives: August 2020

Sunday LoveGram: What Saves Me


Hello, friend. I’m sending you a pinprick of light this Sunday morning. May my words offer you a few minutes of connection + uplift. Today’s audio LoveGram started with the sound of a siren just as I was about to record. It’s an apt metaphor for this time of so much loss,...

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Sunday LoveGram: Discovery


Hello, friend. I'm thinking of you. And I've been especially appreciating you as I created today's Audio LoveGram. This LoveGram is still somewhat of a mystery to me. I think that is the point. It is about following the breadcrumbs in our daily lives in order to see something or ...

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Add your verse


  RIP Robin Williams. Six years ago today. I recently rewatched "Dead Poet's Society" and although I cried practically all the way through, it was so good for my soul. If you haven't seen it recently, grab a box of tissues + a comfy blanket and watch it again. Here's o...

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Go easy on yourself


  Writer's note: This was my blog post from Sunday, August 2nd. I guess I must have been so tired, that I forgot to post it! However, maybe there is someone out  there today who needs a break. This is for you!  It's Sunday morning and time for my weekly LoveGram. I've been c...

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