Sunday LoveGram: What Soothes You?









I started creating these audio LoveGrams at the beginning of the pandemic. None of us imagined how long this would go on or how much loss and grief it would bring.

This crisis is impacting people in so many different ways.

Be kind and gentle with all the various stages or waves of emotion you experience.

Let’s be gentle with one another, too.

Today’s LoveGram is about how we support someone we love who is going through hard time.

(And that someone we love could also be ourselves.)

We have been, and we continue to be, in this TOGETHER.

We are walking through it with as much love and compassion — and even joy — as we can muster.

Do what you can.

Let yourself find some slices of light, if possible.

Thanks for being here.

It means so much to me to be connected to you.
xo Sherry