Monthly Blog Archives: March 2020

{Join me} Coaching Support Call


  I know the road feels uncertain right now. I know we can't predict what tomorrow will bring. I know it can feel shaky, scary, and sad. There is so much grief and loss right now. And, at the same time, we have each other. I take refuge in that. I take refuge in yo...

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I created an audio LoveGram for you


Hi friend. I'm thinking of you and sending thoughts that you are safe and healthy. I'm sending thoughts that your family is well. I'm also hoping that you have warm shelter, nutritious food, and a place to rest inside yourself where there is calm from the storm. Please know that...

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Invitation: Let’s support each another


  I'm thinking of you and wanting to reach out. Right now we all need all the connection we can get. (Virtual, of course. Sigh.) I want to invite you to an online/phone gathering on Tuesday, March 17th so that we can be in community for an hour and hold a space for positivi...

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Emergency Mission: Operation Love | Remedy


  There is a lot of fear and anxiety in the world right now. My friend, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer and I are hosting an emergency mission of our Secret Agents of Change so that we can all spread some kindness and love to people who are scared, overwhelmed, lonely, exhausted, o...

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Please do this while you’re out buying bread today!


  Hello! Truckloads of love to all the wonderful "Say it Now" readers who have visited their local Target stores and posted selfies online. I've seen photos taken in stores from Huntington Beach, CA to Sandy, UT to Round Lake, IL. And more! I want you to know that it means ...

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