Monthly Blog Archives: April 2019

Make a Mom’s Day (or birthday!) Joy Jar


Writer Traci Moore took me up on my idea to create some Love List Joy Jars. And then she wrote a blog post about it. I asked if I could talk to her about her experiences with this gift and we hopped on a Zoom call. We weren't planning to record the call, but at one point Traci told me ab...

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Add some sweet surprises to your Easter baskets!


Here's an easy and quick way to make your Easter baskets extra special! Turn 'em into Love List baskets! I'm attaching an easy-to-follow graphic for you. This can literally take just 10 or 15 minutes extra time when you are putting your baskets together. If you make a Love List Eas...

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“Say it Now” Launch Party with Maya Stein


It's Sunday morning and I've got my cup of coffee + some Sufjan Stevens playing. I am so happy to be connecting with you right now. You are someone who is a kindred spirit. I know that. You're here because you care about making the most of life. You care about learning to love better...

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Interview someone you love!


I want you to watch this video by one of my mentors, Brendon Burchard. This is such a powerful reminder to cherish the people we love, to honor what we've learned from them, and to let ourselves be changed by their impact. Please take a few minutes to watch Brendon's video and think a...

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What astonishes you?


Hello hello! I hope you will read this and actually practice it, not just think of it theoretically. Let me know what astonishes you today! ...

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