Blog : January 2019

Get up + go.

  Sunday night was the "super blood wolf" moon. (Total lunar eclipse meets super moon meets January!) I had plans to be with my beau during that time and we both knew this celestial moon event was happening. We'd researched when it was happening. And the best times to see it in the

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Play it Forward

  Hello! I'm sending love and light as we embark on a brand new year! I'm hoping as part of the kick-off to 2019 you will play along with me in a very fun game! Read on for details! A tiny bit of background: I had a rather magical experience the last time I took myself on an overn

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 🎉 I'd love to hear if you gave or received any creative gifts this holiday season that made your heart sing! Every year instead of giving material gifts, my West Coast clan creates a "Holiday Hoopla" for the folks in the MidWest. We plan a whole day of fun activitie

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